Harvest Snapshot: Carneros

Morning fog burns off in Carneros, Sonoma County, in the vineyards at Gloria Ferrer Vineyards & Caves. Photo: George Rose

As Harvest 2012 continues, the spike in temperatures has growers and vintners racing to pick, crush, and store this year’s bounty of quality grapes throughout Sonoma County. Our traveling photographer, George Rose, shared a couple of shots from his travels to Carneros this week.

There are many benefits to harvesting grapes at night, including the fact that the grapes arrive at the winery already chilled, saving time and energy. Driving around Sonoma County this week, there are spotlights like this in many vineyards as crews race to bring in the perfectly ripened fruit. This vineyard is in Carneros, Sonoma County.

At Keller Estate in Carneros, Sonoma County, netting covers the grapes to protect them from enthusiastic birds long enough for the grapes to ripen and be picked. Photo: George Rose




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