Sunset Magazine Takes on Napa Valley vs. Sonoma County — And Sonoma County Wins!

The latest edition of Sunset Magazine has the Sonoma County wine community buzzing! They have done a side-by-side comparison and rating of Napa Valley and Sonoma County, complete with scores for each reviewing sub-category, and an overall score that put Sonoma County ahead of Napa Valley by one tiny point.

Sonoma County-based writer Rod Smith makes the case for Sonoma County in a range of subject areas including the food/dining scene, tasting room vibe, natural beauty, and accommodation options, and Napa-based writer Heather John is dispatched to do the same for Napa Valley. Depending on what is important to you as a wine region visitor, you can choose to weight some of the categories more heavily than others, but the general consensus here is that they did an outstanding job giving an accurate and realistic depiction of both regions.

Here is the article:

Cyclists explore the roads of Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley.

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