Trends in California Wine from Evan Goldstein, MS

Sonoma County Vintners just got back from a whirlwind tour of Canada, visiting Montreal and Toronto with the Wine Institute’s California Wine Fair, and presenting Master Class blind tastings of Sonoma County wines conducted by Evan Goldstein, MS of Full Circle Wine Solutions.

The WineAlign Blog did a nice job capturing the highlights of the fair, as well as pointing out Evan’s Top Ten Trends in California Wine. Some of them are bearing out here in Sonoma County, while others are building in other wine regions of our state. It’s a thought-provoking list, so here it is:

Top Ten California Wine Trends – Evan Goldstein, MS

1) The resurgence of white wines led by pinot grigio and moscato

2) The chardonnay renaissance and the death of the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) movement

3) The rise of natural wines

4) The growth of alternative varietals (non-cabernet, chard, pinot, zin)

5) The rise of new cool climate terroirs “at the edge of ripeness”

6) Rethinking the traditional wine list and restaurant wine service

7) Redefining palates with new styles and blends

8) Wine on tap

9) The rise of bloggers and social media

10) Sommeliers becoming winemakers

Evan Goldstein, MS conducts educational seminars and tastings for Sonoma County Vintners.



















Do you agree that these are top trends in California wine or do you feel some are missing that should be listed?

Here is a link to the full WineAlign Blog post, “Trend Spotting at the California Wine Fair”, offering a view of California wines from Canada. Interesting reading:


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