Veraison in Russian River Valley

A beautiful example of Veraison in Pinot Noir at Nicole’s Vineyard in Russian River Valley, Sonoma County. Photo: George Rose

Pinot Gris photographed at Preston Vineyard in Russian River Valley shows veraison, or changing of color in the grape clusters.

As the growing season progresses here in Sonoma County, and the all-green clusters of grapes begin to change color in a process called veraison (A French word commonly pronounced “veraision” by Americans), it is a signal to growers of a level of maturity that they can then use to estimate their harvest dates. Photographer George Rose captured these Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir clusters in Russian River Valley, which will be harvested in early August for use in J sparkling wines. Grapes for still wines will be harvested at a higher ripeness level, so less ripe sparkling wine harvests typically kick off the harvest each year in many wine regions.

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