Vintage 2012 – Flower and Set

Sonoma County is now well past the frost phase, and thankfully the pressures this year were minimal. The next stressor for grape growers comes when delicate flowers are on the vines, leading to the set of the grape clusters, which turns out to be a good indication of yield. If something happens during these key periods, such as a heavy rain storm or cold tempratures, the grape clusters can lose some of their grapes, which is referred to as ‘shatter’. This will quickly reduce the yield a grower can expect, making controlling costs through the rest of the growing season all the more crucial. If you haven’t guessed it already, being a grape grower is not for the faint of heart!

Our intrepid photographer, George Rose, was out and about last week capturing the state of the vineyards, and he shared with us these two beautiful examples of grape clusters on their way to a beautiful harvest.


Russian River Valley Pinot Noir clusters following flower and set. Photo: G.Rose


Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel finishing flower and set. Photo: G. Rose

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