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Frangipane Cake

Frangipane Cake

Yield 5 small 3” cakes

This is a wonderful and simple recipe. If you like the flavor of almonds, this recipe must be added to your repertoire.

I combined this with whipped cream and nectarines tossed in a syrup of Arrowwood Late Harvest Reisling and a touch of sugar. The flavor combinations balanced the wine’s sweetness and helped to bring out the acidity that refreshed my palate and satisfied my sweet tooth at the same time.


6 ounces almond paste (room temp)
4 ounces salted butter (room temp)
6 Tablespoons sugar
2 each eggs, whole
Pinch salt
35 grams pastry flour (or all-purpose, unbleached)
5 Tablespoons sliced, toasted almonds
1 Tablespoon granulated sugar for topping the almonds


Pre-heat oven to 350 degree (convection with the fan “on”)

Chop the almond paste and the butter into small pieces. Place all ingredients except the flour in a food processor.

Blend until the mixture is smooth, soft and a little airy.

Add the flour and pulse 2 or 3 times for very short spurts. Remove cover from the food processor and mix with a rubber spatula. If needed, replace cover and pulse one more time to blend flour with the rest of the mixture.

Place small 3” cake rings on a baking pan and spray the insides and the bottom with non-stick spray. Divide the batter evenly amongst the rings. There is no need to smooth the batter.

Sprinkle the top first with sliced almonds (to cover) and then with some granulated sugar.

Place in oven and bake until done (approximately 20 minutes). You can tell they are done when a toothpick meets little resistance when put through the center. Also, the toothpick should come out clean.

Chef Bruce Riezenman
August 2007

Eat well!

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